FIRSTTech Type WhiteFIRST Tech Challenge gives middle and high school students and their adult mentors the opportunity to work and create together to solve a common problem. Teams are challenged to design and build a robot using a kit of parts and within a common set of rules to play a sophisticated field game. The robot game changes every season and is a blast! Winning is always secondary to the quality of the overall experience.
We are currently targeting 3 remote scrimmages and a remote state championship that will be held via the FIRST Remote Event Hub, however, there may be opportunities to allow for hybrid or in-person events as the season develops.


Scrimmage #1 will be open to all Alabama teams only at no cost as a way for all teams to get familiar with the Remote Event Hub.

Scrimmages #2 and #3 will be treated as a competition with a subset of awards given at each event.  In order to be eligible to compete in the State Championship, a team must have participated in at least Scrimmage #2 or Scrimmage #3. Think of these scrimmages as a qualifier where everyone advances.  Registration for the scrimmages (#2 and  #3)and state championship will adhere to the following registration priority.

1.) Teams in the Alabama region
2.) Teams from regions open to other Alabama teams
3.) Orphan teams that do not belong to a region of their own
4.) Teams from all other regions

Be on the lookout for more information and links for how to register for the scrimmages soon.


Remote Scrimmage #1: Feb 22-27 (Remote Event Familiarization, Alabama Teams Only)
Remote Scrimmage #2: March 15-20
Remote Scrimmage #3: April 5-10
State Championship: May 3-8 (Currently targeting a remote event. We will reevaluate the potential for a hybrid or in-person event as we get closer)
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