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FIRSTTech Type WhiteFIRST Tech Challenge gives middle and high school students and their adult mentors the opportunity to work and create together to solve a common problem. Teams are challenged to design and build a robot using a kit of parts and within a common set of rules to play a sophisticated field game. The robot game changes every season and is a blast! Winning is always secondary to the quality of the overall experience.

Build Day - October 23rd

We are going to have a community build day on Saturday, October 23rd. What is a build day you ask? A build day is a time for all of our teams to help each other out and share their knowledge. If you are having programming issues, have questions about how certain parts fit together, or a brand new team wondering where to start then please join us and bring your questions!

There will be an official Freight Frenzy Field and an official Freight Frenzy scoring system setup. If you are a rookie team or new to in-person events we will also provide an overview of what to expect at a typical competition. Hope to see you there!



Outreach Opportunity -- STEAMfest October 30th

Huntsville is hosting a STEAMfest on 0ct. 30th at the Von Braun Civic Center from 10-6 (9:00 load in).  We have space for all the FIRST programs to showcase at the event. We are bringing a FTC field and have FIRST materials to share. If you would like to participate, please contact Jamie at . You are welcome to come for a period of time to showcase your team. This is not a requirement, but an opportunity if you are interested.

Team Registration 

If you have not done so, please go ahead and register your team at the link below as soon as possible. This will make sure you are on the mailing list to receive information and updates from FIRST HQ and FTC in Alabama and help us with finalizing the plan for this season based on how many total teams we have.  A coach/mentor of an FTC team will have to create a FIRST account using the "Sign In" button on the top right of this page and then follow the link to "Create New Team(s)".  


The full instructions on how to register a team can be found HERE 

When registering a team, please make sure the contact information for the coaches is filled out as this is the only way your team will be added to the email list to receive future communications from FTC in Alabama. 


If you are a Rookie team you are eligible to apply for the Rookie team grant HERE.  This grant may cover the FTC registration fee and up to $275 towards a FTC kit of parts. 

Depending on your location both Rookie and Veteran teams may be eligible for other grants.  Please check the First Team Grant Tool to see how to apply to these grants. 

Game Materials 

Game Manual Part 1 has been released and can be found on the Game Materials Website along with other season resources HERE

If you are new FTC I highly recommend your entire team read through Game Manual 0.  This resource is a community created guide for all things FTC and does a great job of introducing many of the technical and non-technical aspects required by a FTC team. 

New Email/Discord 

I have a new email address!  If you are trying to get in contact with me, please start using this address from now on.  I will continue to check the other address, but at less regular intervals. 

New Email:  

Additionally, if you have questions that the larger FTC in Alabama community can answer, you may get a faster answer by asking on the FTC in Alabama Discord server.  Both coaches and students are welcome on Discord, so I encourage you to share the link with your teams. 

Link to Discord 

Team Recruitment 

We have received several requests from individuals looking for a potential team to join.  If your team is actively recruiting, please let me know so we can put teams and potential new members in contact with each other. 

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