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Terry Abel currently serves as the Technical Liaison to the Marshall Space Flight Center where he oversees a number of Orion fabrication and test activities at the Center, preparing for the Artemis 1 mission. He formerly oversaw similar activities at MSFC supporting Orion’s successful EFT-1 mission in 2014. He also supports ongoing activities related to LM’s role on the Human Lander System (HLS), the Cryogenic Demonstration Mission (CDM) and a bid for the Mars Ascent Vehicle Integrated System (MAVIS). Terry formerly served as the Deputy PM for NASA’s Ares 1-X program, who’s rocket successfully flew from KSC in 2009.

Terry Abel began his career with Lockheed Martin after having completed a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Mississippi State University in 1983. He joined LM at their Fort Worth Aeronautics facility, spending six years developing advanced weapons for the F-16 Multi-Role Fighter and conducting flight test activities at Edwards, Eglin, and Shaw AFB.

Mr. Abel currently serves as the Education Co-Chair for the National Space Club – Huntsville which provides STEM outreach and engagement for approximately 10,000 students each year. His service to the club has yielded over $1M in STEM out
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